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Spinner of Shadows

(Book 1 of 'The Return of the Ilk')

A young man and woman with powerful magic live on opposite sides of a great ocean. They have a shared fate – one of them is destined to save the world, the other to damn it.

Chelak Hunter Ina has Siuth’s Curse, a telepathic power allegedly responsible for the genocide of her people 500 years ago. Children are tested annually by touching the Stone and executed if it reacts to them. Ina cheated to pass, but the Stone still calls to her in her mind, as if it were alive. When Ina learns that Tani, the daughter of her female lover, has the Curse, she decides to return to the Stone to find out what it wants with her. But her trials have only begun, and she must reluctantly master her magic if she is to survive.

Gidion lives as a peddler with his father, Conal. Despite his magical talent, Conal won’t let Gidion study Weaver magic in the Spire of Arindel in case a Gloom Mage tries to kidnap him again for unknown reasons. But Gidion commits a terrible act and is forced to go and seek protection from the Weavers of the Spire. He soon finds himself mired in a complex political game – can he successfully master it, or will he succumb to the manipulations of those who would use him for their own ends?

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