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About E.R. McInerney

E.R. McInerney is an Irish writer of epic fantasy fiction. She was born in New York, USA to an Irish father and Belgian mother. They immediately moved back home to Ireland, where she spent the first 25 years of her life. She completed a BA in English and History at Trinity College Dublin in 1998, where she was president of the Jazz Society and co-founded a jazz/soul/funk band called 'The Company' that played regularly in Dublin for a number of years.  Upon completing a Masters in Politics in 2005, she moved to Barcelona, Spain, learning to speak Spanish while writing, busking and teaching English as a foreign language.

Upon returning to Ireland in 2007, she co-founded LGBT Noise, a grassroots organisation dedicated to campaigning for same-sex marriage equality in Ireland. She acted as its communications officer until she stepped down in 2010. Noise was successful in organising the first March for Marriage in August 2009, with almost 5,000 people taking part. It was an annual event until marriage equality was passed by referendum in 2015.

Inspired by her love of the language and culture of Spain, she began a PhD in Hispanic Studies at Trinity College Dublin in 2008, writing her thesis on representations of the Spanish Civil War and Francoist dictatorship in Spanish literature 1996–2011. She moved to London in 2013, completing her thesis in the same year, and currently lives with her partner in the vibrant city of Brighton on the south-east coast of England.

In addition to writing  fiction, she works as a proofreader, copy-editor and developmental editor, specialising in academic and business texts. 

Her first (unpublished) novel, Spinner of Shadows, is a finalist for the Killer Nashville Claymore Award 2018. Her journalism and academic writing have appeared in The Irish Times, GCN Magazine and Modern Languages Open.

In her free time, she beats up people (er...punch bags) at her local kickboxing gym, goes running along the seafront, and hangs out with her dog and two cats.